Under My OttLite

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Whether you're sewing, crafting, reading or sharing... OttLite helps you do what you love, longer & better!

For over 25 years people who love to sew, craft, read and more have trusted OttLite’s natural daylight illumination to help them see everything more clearly and comfortably. OttLite lighting was created by photobiologist Dr. John Nash Ott who explored how natural daylight affects all living things. From his incredible research OttLite Technology was born, bringing the power of natural daylight indoors! Today, we combine our low heat, low glare OttLite natural daylight illumination with smart features like magnification, convenient storage, flexible necks and more to deliver the ultimate lighting experience. From our original OttLite CFL illumination to the latest LED technology, you’ll love seeing everything more clearly and comfortably.
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