Our mission for over 30 years:

Bring the Power of Natural Daylight Indoors to help people do the things they love – longer and better. 


Delivering Natural Daylight

OttLite’s team of engineers and researchers are constantly striving to deliver on this promise – first with our revolutionary daylight CFL technology, then with high-quality OttLite natural daylight LEDs, and now with the ground breaking, patent-pending, OttLite ClearSun LED that reduces eyestrain by up to 51%.

Why Natural Daylight Matters 
  • Seeing colors  
  • Increasing productivity 
  • Reducing eyestrain 
  • Seeing fine details 
  • Feeling better 

Studies show natural daylight has tremendous benefits – both indoors and out. Learn more

“OttLite lighting provides a comfortable visual experience that makes life much easier for my patients. It’s the only light I use, that my family uses, and it’s the only light that I recommend to my patients.” 

Dr. Marc Gannon
Director of the Low Vision Institute in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Learn more about Dr. Gannon and his approach to helping people see more clearly and comfortably. Plus, read his 6 Tips for Healthier Eyes.

Do More of What You Love

Details, color and comfort are critical to doing the things you love – reading, office work, scrapbooking, wood working, sewing, fly tying, cake decorating, applying makeup, learning – any activity that requires focused vision. OttLite helps people be more productive, allows better concentration and will facilitate a higher level of performance, regardless of the activity.

Now you can match thread and fabric colors with complete confidence, keep reading that page turner, or stay focused to meet your deadline. When you can see every color true to life and detail clearly, you’ll enjoy doing the things you love better and longer. 

Find out what people are saying about OttLite lighting and how it helps them do the things they love -- better and longer. And, take a look at the incredible projects OttLite customers have created under their OttLite lamps.