What People are Saying...

There's been a lot of buzz about OttLite lately - Check it out!


"…this lamp is the closest thing to actual daylight we've ever worked with. Most other lamps give off a yellowy glow, but the OttLite casts a cool even pool of light directly on our work surface…no glare, no flicker, no heat. We seriously Love it!"

-Jenny and Aaron 
 Everyday is a Holiday

"They’re pretty much the gold standard for task lighting. The multiple settings, brightnesses, and color temperatures make sure you get the lighting you need for the task at hand."

- GeekDad

"Here's what I love:

  • The light is bright, but directed. 
  • It comes with lots of storage sections. 
  • It shows colors crisply and accurately. 
  • It reduces eyestrain." 

Little Monkeys Crochet

"The best part about this lamp is the light, of course! I’ve been working on a mini version of the Moiré Bag being featured in the crochet-along, and working into those black stitches can be a real strain on my eyes. The bendable neck allows me to direct the crisp, bright light right where I need it to see those stitches more clearly."

 Charmed by Ewe

“I used the compartments to store my nail files, brushes, dotting tools, cuticle oils and small bottle of acetone. The front compartment is shallow and I used it to hold my base and top coat since I use them so frequently. The bottom has little divided dishes. I used them to store my dappen dish, smaller cuticle oils and some make up sponges. This lamp with its storage can be used for so many other things.."It would make a great desk/office lamp to hold all your supplies. Any crafter can use this lamp also. If you sew, scrapbook, paint or really anything this lamp would be beneficial.”

Bliss Polish

“I'm using the lamp for extra light and to hold my reference photos. The difference in the light (lamp on / lamp off) is amazing and I won't ever work without an OttLite lamp if I can have one nearby!”

Honeysuckle Lane

"The powerful illumination of the OttLite lamps is just what I need after the sun goes down.. actually it even helps when the sun is up! Being able to clearly see each stitch really helps me avoid any mistakes."

 Repeat Crafter Me

"I am constantly getting up for an extra unplanned touchup sanding by my back kitchen window so I can utilize the natural daylight there, I can already tell this OttLite will cut those trips in half! Check out the differences in the color on my clay table...."Red is famous for never photographing accurately, it's just a tough subject and look at the magenta clay in the OttLite photo, it's PERFECT!"

 Sick Lil Monkeys

"My daughter (the college freshman) tried the second Book Light and loved that she could study in bed and not have to get up to turn out the light. We each gave these two thumbs way up!"."

Ivory Owl Reviews 

“I often work in the dark so good lighting is a must. It really does give off  a nice amount of accurate lighting right where I need it.The small size allows me to use it directly over the work in sculpting or to move it around my desk if needed. ”


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