Why OttLite?

Thanks for getting to know us! Here are just a few reasons why OttLite is a great choice for doing all the things you love to do! 

Do What You Love – Longer and Better

With OttLite you’ll see more clearly and comfortably, which makes everything you love to do – from sewing and scrapbooking to reading and computer work to crafts and crossword puzzles – easier and more enjoyable. It’s like natural daylight indoors! Click here to learn more.

  • see fine print and details clearly
  • shows colors accurately
  • reduces glare and eyestrain
  • energy efficient and long lasting

Light + Functionality

We combine natural daylight OttLite illumination with smart features like storage, flexible necks, USB ports and more to easily direct and deliver the ultimate lighting experience. From novice crafters to expert quilters, executives to students, there’s an OttLite for everyone!

The Original
Photobiologist Dr. John Nash Ott researched how natural daylight affects all living things. From his incredible research OttLite Technology was born bringing the power of natural daylight indoors! Learn more about his legacy.

Available Where You Shop
OttLite lighting is available in a variety of stores nationwide. As you browse around the site, keep an eye out for links to your favorite stores or call us to find out more.
<br /><br /><br />Available Where You Shop

Quality and Commitment
We stand behind our products with our dedicated, US-based customer service and 2 year warranty on our lamps. Need help? Let’s connect!