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Spreading Natural Daylight Since 1989
We’ve been around since 1989, but we’re still young at heart. (In dog years’ we’re 175, which is really old, but kind of irrelevant.) We’ve expanded Dr. Ott’s original vision of providing natural sunlight indoors to what we like to call the OttLite IllumiNation—a community that fosters creativity and enables people to live and do what they love longer. Because we’re people just like you, with interests as varied and unique as yours—from knitting to gardening, from quilting to tattooing!

Our headquarters is based in Tampa, Florida, where sunny goodness abounds, on the shoreline of the Hillsborough River. There’s a fantastic view of downtown Tampa, and sometimes critters like river otters, alligators, and even bald eagles make appearances. When we’re not designing super-cool lamps and lighting systems we like to soak up the sunshine, get crafty, and wage epic ping-pong battles.

Everything about us, from our friendly, collaborative work atmosphere to our LEED certified workplace reflects our commitment to bring you natural lighting that is visually efficient, environmentally responsible, and elegantly designed.