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The best way to experience the difference between an OttLite and regular CFL and incandescent bulbs is to see them in action! Since we can’t come to each and every one of your homes, we’ve set up this virtual demonstration!

Compare an OttLite side by side with an ordinary light and the result is extraordinary. See the difference with your eyes…and experience the difference in your ability to work longer, happier and more comfortably.

Do what you love longer

Only OttLite brings you true colors, clear details, and reduced glare and eyestrain—all in a low heat, energy-efficient bulb. No matter what your interest—reading, sewing, working on the computer, or assembling battle robots, you’ll find OttLite Illumination makes it easier and more comfortable. And if your hobby really is building battle robots…can we come over?

Form PLUS function

OttLite lighting systems combine cutting edge technology with cool features like articulating shafts, adjustable shades, and achromatic (anti-reflective) coating. Plus, with stylish designs to suit every taste and nifty extras like storage compartments and personal device docking stations, there’s an OttLite that’s right for every room, and every task.