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Glamour Magazine Names OttLite Wireless Charging Makeup Mirror as One of the Best

Posted by Jessica
Glamour Magazine named the OttLite Wireless Charging LED Markeup Mirror as one of its 20 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors That Are Worth the Money (and Counter Space). The OttLite mirror was named Best for Multitasking because of the 3x magnification and convenient wireless and USB charging. What they had to say made us smile ... and laugh! Because it's so true:"I don’t think I’ve ever seen my face this close up—and I tweeze my eyebrows every single day," says contributor JacquelineWladis. This [Read More...]

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What is the Best Type of Lighting for Content Creators?

Posted by Jessica
Whether you’re creating TikToks, Reels or YouTube videos, good lighting can help your content stand out. Lighting has a big impact on the look, feel, quality and emotion of your videos.The best type of lighting for content creators is natural daylight LED lighting that is highly customizable. LED lighting with multiple brightness and color temperature settings can help you create different lighting effects for your videos. Lighting for content creators should also be easy to adjust and position [Read More...]

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Forbes Selects OttLite Makeup Mirror for Instagram Celeb Product Round Up

Posted by Jessica
 Here's what Forbes had to say about the new OttLite Wireless Charging Makeup Mirror in their article Instagram Celebrities Are Using These Products To Make Amazing Videos: Recently featured by Glamour Magazine, this holder does double duty for beauty influencers. The LED adjustable makeup mirror offers three brightness settings. Users can watch video makeup tutorials or record their own while keeping their smartphone in the wireless charging holder. [Read More...]

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Glamour Magazine Selects OttLite for Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Article

Posted by Jessica
We LOVE the new OttLite Wireless Charging Makeup Mirror and are beyond excited that Glamour Magazine is loving it too!!!Always on-trend and at the forefront of fashion, Glamour Magazine selected the OttLite mirror and named it: "Best for Magnification". in their article Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors Actually Worth Your MoneyHere's what they had to say: Best for Magnification: OttLite Wireless Charging LED Makeup Mirror I don’t think I’ve ever seen my face this close-up—and I tweeze my eyebrows [Read More...]

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How Natural Lighting Can Help You Look and Feel Your Best

Posted by Jessica
From making makeup application easier to boosting your mood, natural lighting can be a game changer for your beauty and self-care routines. That's one of the many reasons we LOVE the new OttLite Wireless Charging Makeup Mirror. It provides OttLite's ClearSun LED illumination -- as close to natural daylight as you can get!  Here's how natural daylight takes pampering yourself to the next level:  1. Natural daylight lighting makes makeup application easier and prevents mistakes while showing true [Read More...]

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