Dual-Sided Task Lamp -- Twice the Fun!

Posted by Chaya C

This craft lamp makes projects twice the fun!

This craft lamp makes projects twice the fun!

Do you have a huge project to do? Love to craft with a friend? Or just want an extra burst of illumination? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, than our new 26w Dual-Sided Task Lamp is sure to be your new best friend.

This task lamp is a double threat — two lamps in one! You can illuminate your instructions in one spot and your project in another. Feel free to spread out and see everything clearly. Or, grab a friend and share. There’s plenty of light for everyone.

We wanted to take our traditional task lamp (a fan favorite for over 20 years) and give it a new mission — lighting up two work spaces at once … but we didn't stop there. The adjustable twin shades independently operate and rotate 180 degrees for fine-tuned directional lighting wherever you need it. And, with two 13-watt OttLite tubes, the Dual-Sided Task Lamp can make a big impact in even the smallest of work spaces. This compact and collapsible lamp can be easily condensed and stored away.

Whether crafting solo or side-by-side with a friend, be prepared to have twice the fun on your next project with the new Dual Sided Task Lamp.


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