Will you be my tweetheart? - DIY Valentine's Day Birdhouse!

Posted by Chaya C



Happy Valentine's Day to all of you love birds out there!  I found this super cute birdhouse project on Jo-ann's and just had to make it- or at least my version of it.

I remember back when I was in school we used to bring in little Valentine cards and slip them into each others homemade shoe boxes, well I thought that it was time to step up my Valentine's game and use a birdhouse instead!




Wooden birdhousebird1

2 wooden hearts

Pink beads

Pink, red, white acrylic paint

Flat brush and detail brushes


Spray varnish

Glue gun





Step 1:



Basecoat birdhouse in pink.

Step 2:


Paint trim red.  Let dry for several hours.

Step 3:


Paint wooden hearts read also!

Step 4:


Apply a second coat for even coverage.

Step 5:


Glue beads onto the edge of the wooden heart.

Step 6:


Glue a heart onto each side of the bird house.

Step 7:


Apply tape in a checkerboard pattern and paint white.

Step 8:


Once dry, peel off the tape and freehand the rest of the pattern.

Step 9:


Glue on more pretty pink beads (there is currently an abundance of pink beads and glue all over my desk and floor).

Step 10:


Paint a big red heart around the opening of your birdhouse, which is sure to invite all of the chicks into your love nest!

Step 11:


Go outside and spray with varnish.

Step 12:

house2 house3 house5

Google cute bird puns and be ready to say them to everyone!

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