Six Healthy Habits to Boost Your Productivity

Posted by Jessica

Do you often feel like your to-do list is never-ending and you’re not checking many things off?


While we don’t want to add more to your list, we do know some things you can do to improve your productivity and reduce stress. A few healthy tweaks to your office setup and work routine can make a big difference.

Healthy Ways to be More Productive

Downing cup after cup of coffee is more likely to make you overcaffeinated and jittery than focused. Give your productivity a healthy boost with these tips for improving your workflow:

  1. Organize your space and reduce clutter. A messy desk can be a sign of a creative genius but it can also be a huge distraction. Stacks of paper and chaotic clutter overload your senses and compete for your brain’s attention. Your desk doesn’t have to be spotless, but tidying up a bit can calm your mind and make it easier to concentrate.

    Organize papers into folders to avoid messy paper stacks. Any office supplies that you don’t use every day should be stored away. When it comes to personal items on your desk, limit yourself to three or less to minimize distractions. At your dominant side, make sure to leave a clear space where you can place any document you may need to review.

  2. Use a natural light desk lamp. A neatly organized desk is accented perfectly by a great desk lamp. And by great desk lamp, we mean one that improves how you work. A number of studies have shown that working under natural lighting boosts productivity and wellbeing. Even if your office lacks natural light, you can still get the productivity lighting you need from a natural light desk lamp.

    Researchers and engineers at OttLite have developed a proprietary LED lighting technology that closely matches the sun’s natural color spectrum. With natural lighting for productivity like The Renew LED Desk Lamp from the OttLite Wellness Series, you’ll get the benefits of natural light from the healthiest light you can buy. By delivering healthy, balanced light, OttLite’s Wellness Series lamps are proven to reduce eyestrain by up to 51 percent. So, as you see healthier with less eyestrain, you’ll be able to focus more on checking off those to-dos.

  3. Drink water. Besides a natural light desk lamp, the other desk essential is a bottle of water. A thirsty brain is one that can’t focus because it’s busy telling the body that it’s thirsty. Once thirst is satisfied, your brain can give much more attention to the task at hand. In fact, researchers have found that being fully hydrated has the power to increase your productivity by 14 percent.

  4. Stop multitasking. Do you often stop what you’re doing to answer emails as they come in? It may feel satisfying to check answering them off your mental to-do list. However, this kind of multitasking decreases your overall productivity. Every time you switch between two tasks, it takes extra time for your brain to make the shift. The more complex the task, the more time it will take for your brain to adjust.

    Studies suggest that the time lost as your mind switches between tasks can reduce your productive time by as much as 40 percent. You’ll maximize your productive time if you focus on completing the task at hand before moving on to another.

  5. Only check email at set times. Even if you don’t answer emails as they come in, the constant ding of new emails arriving in your inbox is bound to break your concentration. To avoid email interruptions while you work, close your inbox and turn off push notifications on your phone that alert you of new unread messages. If you’re still tempted to check your inbox, you can even take your email accounts off your phone altogether.

    Instead of letting email interrupt your workflow, plan specific times during your day to give your attention to email. First thing in the morning, right after lunch and before you leave the office are good times to block for email answering. Make sure to minimize other distractions during these times to focus on email just like any other project.

  6. Plan time to relax and do what you love. Too much time at your desk staring at your computer screen leads to stress, mental blocks and eyestrain that hinder your productivity. To work more effectively, your work brain needs regular downtime. One of the best ways to relax and recharge your brain is to engage in a hobby you enjoy. Whether it’s painting, knitting, hiking or woodworking, making time for a hobby you love will make you happier, more creative and more productive in the long run.

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