5 Reasons to Love Natural Daylight

Posted by Jessica

Who doesn’t love the feeling of sunshine on your face, the way it illuminates all of nature’s splendor? BUT … if you live in or around a modern city, most likely, you spend up to 90% of your time indoors.

Making sure you have access to daylight is critical to everything from how you see to how you sleep. With OttLite, you can enjoy natural daylight anytime you need it – with the flip of a switch.


1) Your Eyes Respond Best to Daylight

Studies show that your eyes respond best to natural daylight which lets your eyes see and focus without the excessive strain caused by poor lighting. Natural daylight is really the gold standard. According to “A literature review of the Effects of Natural Light”: Daylight most closely matches the visual response that, through evolution, humans have come to compare with all other light.


2) When You See and Feel Better, You’re More Productive

Dim lighting can cause eye strain and headaches because, when lighting is inadequate, the eyes are forced to work much harder to see. Dim lighting can also result in drowsiness and lack of focus, which could lead to decreased motivation and productivity. Daylight has been shown to improve mood and even make you more productive.


3) Daylight Can Make You Happier

You know that feeling you get about 5 weeks into a dreary winter – you forget what the sun looks like – the Winter Blues? That feeling is brought on by lack of sunshine. When we are deprived of natural daylight, our brain’s chemistry is affected and our circadian rhythm is thrown off. Bright light stimulates hormones and neurotransmitters that influence our overall wellbeing. And that stimulates production of serotonin which improves mood and happiness. Studies have shown that exposure to bright, natural daylight quality illumination promotes production of serotonin. Now that’s something to feel happy about!


4) ... and Even Sleep Better

Exposure to bright light during the day can also help regulate production of melatonin in the evening which promotes sleep.


5) Daylight Shows Colors True to Life

Have you ever gone to the window to see if that sock was black or blue? Or picked a shirt and were horrified to find out it was a completely different color in the light of day? If yes, then you know that daylight is a reliable source for showing colors accurately.


Want to learn more?

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