How to Keep the Holidays Merry, Bright and Healthy

Posted by Jessica

With COVID-19 adding a new dimension to holiday stress in 2020, staying healthy is an essential part of a merry and bright holiday season. What are some ways to help ensure a healthy holiday season and keep your holiday spirit bright?


  • Be open to new, safer ways to celebrate. Holiday traditions will look different this year. It’s okay to be disappointed, but be flexible and open to new ways to celebrate safely. Suggest alternative options for safer gatherings. Don’t agree to do something you’re uncomfortable with out of a sense of obligation. 

  • Gift yourself a tool to make sanitizing easier. As you continue to be mindful about washing your hands often, consider ways to make constant cleaning of your surfaces simpler. With a new OttLite Sanitizing Desk Lamp, you can continuously clean your space every time you turn on your light. Powered by patented sanitizing technology, it’s the only desk lamp designed to kill harmful bacteria.

  • Prioritize self-care. Make time to enjoy all the little things you love about the holiday season. Watch your favorite holiday movies, listen to music that makes you smile, bake cookies or decorate a gingerbread house. Go for walks to admire the Christmas lights in your neighborhood. Notice how these moments make your holiday spirit brighter.

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