A handmade card for your Sweetie!

Posted by Jennifer

finished project

Why wait until next Valentine's Day to tell someone you think they're sweet? Tell them any time with this cupcake-themed card.


The color scheme for this project was really driven by the envelope I selected. I made sure to use my OttLite Folding Task Lamp ***shameless plug*** when selecting the card stock so that all of the colors were complimentary.

line art

After I established the size of the card and cut the window opening for the cupcake drawing, I traced the window size onto my drawing paper. Then I drew my rough sketch, lined it with a black pen and erased all of the pencil marks.

colorNow for my favorite part...COLORING! I used colored pencils, blenders and some bright green glitter glue. Once it dried completely I used edging scissors to trim the piece down so that it would fit in the window and allow some of the pink paper to frame it.

embellishLooks cute right? Embellishments and a message tag were applied to the front and voilà! Sweet!

finished project

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