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My Favorite Lighting for a Hygge-Filled Home - By Hannah Olson from Just Bee Blog

Posted by Chaya
Guest Blog - Brought to you by Hannah from Just Bee BlogIf you read my post on bringing more hygge into your home, then you know I’ve been getting into hygge lately! (Actually, if you follow me on Instagram, you see a lot of little hygge moments every day – I’m just glad to finally have a word for this cozy state of comfort!) Today’s post is sponsored by OttLite.A quick note on hygge, if you’re unfamiliar with the word: it’s a Scandinavian (specifically, Danish) term that describes a cozy sense [Read More...]

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Full Spectrum Lighting

Posted by Marcea
Light up your world with OttLite’s full spectrum lighting.  OttLite has developed specially designed lamps that are equipped with OttLite bulbs to provide Natural Daylight Illumination. Dr. John Ott, founder and inventor of OttLite, researched alternatives to artificial lighting and the affects that different wavelengths of light have on health.  His pioneering work is the basis for current OttLite lighting – full spectrum lighting specially engineered with a precise balance of contrast and [Read More...]

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